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My name is Adam Tallamy and I am a coach, a healer and an artist and I love to paint. It's my highest passion in life right now and I try to convey that in each piece.

Whilst my paintings will look great on your wall they're much more than you see with your eyes alone. In fact, if you're intuitive or sensitive to energy, and you sit quietly and feel into one of my paintings even via a photo you'll quickly get a sense of what I'm talking about.

I call my paintings "Manifestation Art" as using intention and a hard-earned understanding of the Law of Attraction, I paint them to help bring specific things into people's lives and the world.

In truth, each of my paintings encapsulates everything I help my coaching clients with. This includes everything from intention setting, transforming the issues and blocks that stop us having what we want in life, to defining and actually creating the life and the world that people want.

Through coaching, healing, and art, my intention is to raise consciousness and to help people learn and understand the power of healing, energy and emotion as practical transformative tools to help them to create a better, happier life for themselves and others.

As such, whilst many people buy my paintings because they love them, they're also healing and transformative for anyone looking at them. They have great energy and will uplift you and the space you choose to hang them.

My paintings are available to buy off the shelf or as commissions where you can set your own personal intention.