Commission Testimonial

Commission Testimonial

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The intention behind my manifestation art painting is “I am a whole man.”


When I first set my eyes on this painting i had an instant distaste for it.


I just couldn’t get my head around how much i was repelled by this supposed piece of art. But visually liking or disliking Adam’s art is not the point.


It’s meant to anchor a specific intention into your life.


And it has very much anchored “I am a whole man” into my life. Albeit with me kicking and screaming.


I have been through many trials and tribulations since the painting arrived. These T&T’s refer to my unwillingness to take full responsibility for my life.


I have since been pushed into owning every aspect of my life, however painful this has been.


Hence, the intention behind this painting has reflected the changes that have occurred in my life.


Some may say it’s pure coincidence that my life changes reflect the title of this painting. I think not.


Life makes no mistakes!


If you have an intention in your heart and are finding it difficult to anchor it into your life, I’m sure Adam’s unique proposition can give you a gentle push in the right direction.


I’d like to make clear, although the early sentiment towards the painting was not the best, I have come to appreciate the value it has bought to my life.


Like an uncle who says it how it is because he loves you this painting continues to transform me into the powerful man that I am meant to be and for this I am grateful.


– Vineet Bhatia