About manifestation and law of attraction art

The manifestation art studio

The manifestation and law of attraction art process

Each law of attraction painting begins with a creative urge and an intuition that something wants to manifest.

After a short meditation, I download the full intention for the piece, I write that on the back and after cleansing the space and the painting, I start to paint.

Each piece is a co-creation between me and the Universe, although, in reality, my role is simply to get my ego out of the way and to be a channel for whatever painting wants to come through me and manifest.

I rarely have an idea of what I am going to paint before I commence and have learned over the years to let go and trust which even now isn't always easy.

Surrendering, I allow each painting to take shape and am always amazed as recognizable shapes and beings start to appear at which point I might work with them consciously to bring them more to life, or increasingly leave them to be found and seen by the observer just as I found them myself.

Sometimes I will paint the majority of a painting and then feel to turn it the other way round or onto another side at which point it becomes something completely different and almost immediately recognisable.

What comes up to manifest is always a leap from how I feel about myself before I begin.

Each intention triggers in me a multitude of what most people perceive to be negative emotions such as feelings of unworthiness, frustration, anger, insecurity and uncertainty about myself.

I paint these emotions onto the canvas and it is that which gives each piece its energy.

Wherever practicable, as each painting unfolds I stand them upright and in full sight of where I sit in the evening on the sofa.

In the days or even weeks sometimes between sittings I am regularly drawn to look at them and as I do I feel them working on me and I observe my feelings changing.

Once I have healed to the point the painting is up to the next piece automatically downloads.

I paint only when I am drawn to do so which is normally when the next emotion comes up perhaps triggered by a synchronous event showing me another aspect of not being or having what I want to manifest yet.

Over the weeks I empty all negative emotions around having or being my manifestation onto the canvas until finally I arrive at a place where I come into alignment with my intention.

In truth, I become my intention and with the last few strokes I paint this completion into the painting bringing it and myself fully into balance.

On completion and having locked the frequency of the manifestation into each painting it becomes a powerful tool for healing for the benefit of anyone looking at it and to help clear whatever's blocking others from having that same intention.


Choosing your painting

Most people buy one of my paintings because they love looking at it and / or they love the energy of it.

The one they feel most drawn to is the manifestation painting that offers them the greatest transformation. Interestingly that doesn't always mean they buy the one they like the most, indeed, sometimes they buy the one they like looking at the least.

I sometimes bring several of my paintings to the coaching and healing workshops I run, where I actively encourage people to sit opposite the painting which they find the hardest to look at.

I encourage you to do the same and to feel how each painting makes you feel.

I ask that they do this initially without reading the intention behind it which I write on the back of each piece.

Most people buy my paintings simply because they like them, which normally means the intention behind it is the right one for them.

If the intention is important to you I would ask that you contact me just prior to the point of purchase at which point I'll share it with you.

If you're unsure which manifestation art painting is right for you I am happy to help so don't hesitate to ask.


On receipt of my manifestation art painting what do I do with it?

I will advise you where to hang it for maximum benefit.

This is typically somewhere you can sit or lie and look at it in comfort from time to time. Ideally somewhere you spend regular time already so that you will keep seeing it also subconsciously.

Simply having it in your house will offer real benefit.

Looking at it in silence or doing open eye meditation when drawn to will continue to be very healing for you moving forward.

I find I am drawn at different times to different parts of each painting and as I look at them I can perceive gentle changes taking place in my body.

Doing this regularly will take you towards manifesting your intention.

When I take my paintings to my workshops people sometimes struggle to even look at the ones that they are drawn to and thus need.

In fact, they often want to look away. In time and with perseverance this seems to soften until eventually they change and even come to like or love the painting.


My own experience of my law of attraction paintings

My own experience has been that each painting locks in the energy or frequency of having the intention I set for it. 

For example, if 'feeling happy' were the intention behind a painting, as soon as I start painting whatever is blocking that starts to come up in me, for example, sadness, shame or not feeling good enough. I allow myself to feel that fully and paint it all out onto the canvas, eventually locking in the full journey to happiness.

As such, that painting helps me stay focused for the long term on whatever the intention of the painting is, even when I may not have it in mind or have forgotten about it completely.

Moreover, synchronicities may start to happen in my day to day life that will ultimately move me closer and closer to being happier, even if it doesn't always feel that way at the time.

It's important to note that whilst the paintings help me a lot there are often practical steps I need to take too.

Eventually, after some months or often years, I find that I have become my intention and the new way of being becomes my default state. 


What benefit can I expect to see from my manifestation art painting?

In terms of having the painting in your house the benefits you perceive will depend entirely on your awareness or sensitivity.

You may not feel or perceive any change in yourself or circumstances at all.

Others will notice that looking at specific parts of the painting or doing open eye meditation will affect how they feel and have an awareness that something is changing.

When I am working with a particular painting I often experience synchronicities or situations that trigger me emotionally.

These are a gift that show me where I am not in alignment with what I want. I will then sit with those feelings and fully allow myself to feel them.

These experiences all move you further forward towards your goal and just learning this simple process will have a massively positive impact on your life.

Moreover, there are many variables to manifestation.

Depending on what you are wanting to manifest and how in alignment to that you are at the outset it may manifest very quickly or it may take years.

What many people do not understand about manifestation is that there are often multiple layers that need to be cleared before you can get to what you want to be.

A good analogy is peeling the outer shell and layers of an onion to reveal layer after layer beneath that.

For example, if one does not feel deserving or worthy of having their intention or does not believe they can have it then those can be significant blockages that require focused attention and effort to shift.

In addition, it's likely that you'll be required to take practical steps forward and some people are not prepared to do that. Be under no illusion the painting is one part of a larger puzzle.