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Safe and loved by women
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Law of Attraction / Manifestation painting commissions

I gratefully accept commissions for Law of Attraction and Manifestation paintings to help people create what they want in their lives.

My paintings are powerful tools for deep transformation and the effects they have on people and their lives can be extraordinary.

Commissioning a manifestation painting that is tailor-made for what you want to bring into your life is thus much more than buying just a painting.


Can I specify what I want to manifest?

Clients either come to me with a clear intention or I am very happy to intuit on their behalf what wants to manifest into their lives.

Ultimately it is the Universe who decides what the priority is so if you have something you would like and are fixed on that then I ask you to share that with me upfront at the time of booking to avoid potential disappointment.


Commission costs

Starting at £2,500 + postage for a 36 inches by 24 inches (60cm by 90cm) by 2-inch (5cm) deep canvas.

Please contact me to discuss larger canvas sizes or projects.

Commissions are non-refundable and I am afraid I can offer no guarantee that you will even like the painting.

In fact, you may even struggle to look at it at first which whilst not essential would fortunately in this instance be a good thing as its a good sign that you're going to need to come into alignment with what you want.

Paintings come ready to hang unframed once completed, although you obviously have the option to frame.

N.b. the sides will be painted in a continuation from the main image and the painting will receive two coats of a low-toxin varnish.


What is the commission process? 

I work with commission clients at their homes or online for an initial conversation after which I will commence the Law of Attraction / manifestation painting at my home or studio typically without the need for further sittings.

Whilst I find the experience much richer and more rewarding face to face I also work with clients all over the world via webcam.

Clients can come to me individually, as a couple, a partnership, family members or as the leader of a business. Once we are clear on the intention I will write it on the back, cleanse the canvas and start to paint.

Please rest assured that what we discuss will never be shared with anyone outside the session and I am happy to sign an NDA.

The questions I ask will typically revolve around what you want to manifest and why you feel that you don't have it yet.

It isn't spoken about much even in Law of Attraction circles but understanding and clearing your blocks is essential to manifesting what you want.

In terms of what I paint my paintings are abstract and I am simply a channel for what wants to come through me so I cannot offer any guarantee as to how your painting will look but truth be told it is the underlying energy that is key.

You are welcome to request a style or colours that you like from some of my other paintings and where possinle I will endeavour to honour that or let you know as soon as possible if it's not possible.

As I start to paint I will connect directly into your feelings around the intention and I will paint these onto the canvas.

This process will continue until it eventually comes into balance.

Depending on the size of canvas you choose and workload, I aim to complete the painting within 2-4 weeks of our face to face or webcam session.

You can read in more detail about the process I follow here.


What benefit can I expect to see from my manifestation art painting?

From the initial session, you'll start to see why you haven't already got what is wanting to manifest.

We'll investigate some of the root causes rather than the superficial reasons or the stories that we tell ourselves.

I'll help you to change how you feel, working through the layers of blockages until you feel more positive, optimistic and have cleared at least some of the way.

In terms of having the painting in your house the benefits you perceive will depend entirely on your awareness, sensitivity and willingness to take any required actions.

You may feel nothing looking at it and may not perceive any change in yourself or circumstances at all.

Others will notice that looking at specific parts of the painting or doing open eye meditation whilst looking at it will affect how they feel and have an awareness that something is changing.

Looking at your personalised manifestation painting allows whatever is required to bring it into your experience to show up including your fears and doubts around having it.

As stated before, these are a gift that show you where you're out of alignment with what you want. Sitting with those feelings, whilst looking at the painting will allow them to start to shift and change.

This is a simple, yet very powerful technique that will transform most negative emotions and I will practice that with you in our initial sitting so you can start to apply it to any aspect of your life.

These experiences all move you further forward towards your goal and just learning this simple process will have a massively positive impact on your life.

Beyond this, there are many variables to manifestation.

Depending on what you are wanting to manifest and how in alignment to that you are at the outset it may manifest very quickly or it may take years.

The good news is that your commission painting will contain all of those fears and doubts, allowing them to start to heal in you as you look at it.

Moreover, it'll also contain all the elements of your personal journey of transformation from fear, doubt and undeserving to finally having what you want.


Manifestation art as a potential investment

Whilst I hope you'll love, cherish and benefit from your painting for many years you'll also be buying a potential investment especially as commission prices are at present comparable to the prices of my other paintings.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to discuss a commission.

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